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Topics of Next Issues

# 3(16) 2014: "Contemporary intercultural dynamics"

Guest editors

pict André Magord
Professeur de civilisation nord-américaine. Directeur de l'Institut d'études acadiennes et québécoises, Université de Poitiers. Senior lecturer in North American civilization. Director of the Institute for Acadian and Quebec studies. University of Poitiers.
pict Ariane Le Moing
PhD, Maitre de conférences. Département des études anglais, Université de Poitiers. PhD, Senior lecturer in Canadian civilization. Department of English studies. University of Poitiers.

Cultural diversity and intercultural communication have been constantly debated in contemporary pluralistic societies. Faced with the danger of both cultural essentialism and the different types of communitarianism, the public debate tends to focus on questions of insecurity, in particular in Europe. In the opinion discourse, this tendency is epitomized in forms of rejection or suspicion towards ethnocultural communities, where religion is often highlighted. Nowadays, there is a significant gap between, on the one hand, a sociological reality which is more and more diverse and cosmopolitan within big urban centres and, on the other hand, tensions among States whose recent denunciations of multiculturalism have yet remained undebated. This situation is creating a blind zone in terms of scientific concepts, political programs and constructive interrelationship. Does the official statement that multiculturalism is a failure correspond to a sociological reality ? Do these denunciations reflect a confession of impotence from the governments?

The relationship between states and cultural minorities, whatever they are (historical, national or more recently composed minorities), is also currently strongly influenced by economic, social and political changes implemented by neoliberalism worldwide.

We could articulate our reflection around the following themes of research :


  • Conceptualization of culture and otherness (in the fields of psychology, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, political sciences...) in the debate around interculturality
  • Process of interculturality (« psychic, relational, groupal, institutional » Clanet in Douard and Ragi, 19994)
  • Politics of integration and citizenship
  • Relationship between states and minorities, relationship between minorities
  • Interculturality, memory(ies) and history : continuity and disruption

Enlightenment from the field

  • Interculturality and identity claims (adaptation, promotion, revival, resistance)
  • Interculturality and representations of "the others"
  • Globalization and identity strategies (link between culture and politics, diasporas' identities,...)
  • Interculturality, cosmopolitanism and urbanity
  • Interculturality in the field : education and pedagogy, fields of health, social work, business, practices of intercultural mediation

Prospective approaches

  • Interculturality and sociological reality : functional and ethical use of ethnic statistics
  • Integrated urbanization and human ecology
  • Interculturality and « living together » proposals (promotion of collective values)
  • Interculturality and citizenship (intercultural training of workers within intermediate structures,...)
  • Intercultural mediation and remediation

We accept the articles in English, in French and in Russian.
The Deadline is 15 July 2014.



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